12 x Trophies Categories with Trophies awarded to 1st and 2nd place with Rosette for 3rd place in each category

Entry is $20 for the first bike and $10 for each other under the same name

Race and Drag and oddity Bikes are very welcome to display at $10 non judging

All entries are Pre Entry as there will be no entry available on the day

Send your details to register@japbikeshow.com.au

All judging is done by Peoples Choice and presentations will be on the day

1, Best Z1 – this is a stock 1100 or 750 cc that was released in Australia in 1981 in which the show is celebrating 40 years with the only modification accepting is a period correct exhaust

2, Best Pre 1980 – any motorcycle in stock condition for but will accept a period correct exhaust

3, Best Naked 1980 – 1999 – this would be a naked style bike any motorcycle in stock condition for but will accept a period correct exh
4, Best 1980 – 1999 – faired any four stroke in stock looking condition

5, Best 2 Stroke Race Bred – any 2 stoke but with bikini or full fairing
6, Best 2 stroke Naked – any 2 stroke in naked trim

7, Best Custom Modified 1970 to 1999 – any modified bikes naked or faired Sponsor Custom Bike Electrics
8, Best Custom Modified Post 2000 – any bike post 2000 in production
9, Best Metric Cruiser – any metric cruiser in stock or modified form
10, Best Handmade Custom – this is a privately built bike in a home garage style environment

11, Best Sub Class 150 cc – any naked or faired bike 150 cc or under

12, Best Off Road – open to any off road bike being 2 or 3 or 4 wheels